Sunday, May 29, 2011

Are You in Need of a Vindicator?

I was sitting in my church service today and found lots of tears flowing down my face. I have had a hard time not crying all day. I am sure anyone reading this is thinking, 'What would your pastor say to cause all the tears?' The content of his message came from Psalm 55.... In this passage David has been betrayed by his best friend and he finds himself crying out to God for vindication. In the last part of this passage he tells us this "Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved". At the very end of chapter, David tells God this...."But I will trust in you."

There are times in our lives when we experiance betrayal at the hand of a good friend, or worse yet family. I know first hand that when this happens it feels like someone has knocked the wind out of you and that is being nice. Our pastor talked about himself and a close family member and said that the person that turned their back on him, passed on and there was never reconciliation. It hurt him so badly. He said and I am not quoting...that this ate at him. He felt that in being a Christian he was supposed to love and honor and in this case he could try and love the person, but to honor them he would have to turn his back on some of his core beliefs and he could not do that. He says he had a hard time doing his job and sometimes a hard time sleeping. What was the final outcome? He cried out to God like David. He told us that he did not know how to explain it, but it was as if God reached down a hand and took this burden from him. God was and is his and our vindicator.

Now it is my turn to look to the heavens and cry out to God..... "Lord be my vindicator!" When I read this passage of scripture and heard the pastor, I know there is hope. I may never get the vindication I feel I deserve, but I know that my God is my lean to and my provider. You may want to know what happened to me, but it happened in the PAST and I am not out to do what I feel has been done to me. I want you my reader to know there is hope in Creator, Father God.  I will say like David, "God I will trust in you"!

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  1. You know Donna, I have been there. I have had to cut people from my life and through God gained great peace. Only to have people who do not have a clue say and send little innuendos and remarks my way. Sadly I have not always handled it all in the most positive manner. But many hard roads have led me to know that "if we sin, we have an advocate which is Jesus Christ" Of course in some peoples thoughts a little hatred is not a sin but we will leave that to them and God for me it is but my God is a good loving precious God who loves me out of my failing and sets my feet aright. Thank you for writing this. It felt so good to see someone who KNOWS! Love all of your good words that you so freely share. God bless you!